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Sippin' the Coolaide: Apple Music and Streaming Radio - How to Save a Station to Play Later

Are you here to find a way to play and favorite a radio stream?  Feel free to scroll down to the TL;DR section below.   Recently I bought a very nice Apple laptop from a friend. I haven't used Macintosh for my personal computer for about 15 years. All-in-all I've been really happy with windows. But a really good deal on an m1 laptop brought me over to the dark side. Unadulterated Apple looks better than Windows, both inside and out. But once you buy all the adapters for the outside so you can plug in your printers, scanners, drives, card readers Apple is messy as f*@k! The same is true on the inside. Apple is constantly trying to push users into whatever else they're selling. I've been enjoying using the Music app that replaced iTunes. But both the choices for streaming radio stations were far and few between and poorly organized, and when I found one I wanted to come back to there was no way to add it to favorites. The only option was to share (to an Apple stream ad

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